Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ummm, yeah.

Huh. We've been back for nearly a week now, but somehow it's taken me six days to sit down at the computer. Why? Not sure, but here are the highlights of my week since our return:

*searching for the cordless phone one day and finally discovering it underneath the cat.

*dinner on Saturday, during which the Kiddo would eat only barbecue sauce. With nothing else. Just the sauce.

*throwing a baby shower for a friend and discovering that it was her very first shower. This is her third child.

*learning that the Scalloped hem skirt class for April at Purl is already filled. Don't worry: we'll offer it again soon. There are still lots of other classes on the schedule, particularly the Insider's shopping tour of the garment district at the end of March. See the Purl Bee for a details and a schedule. Come! We'll have lunch together!

*finishing my new work space. Photos to come. I can't believe I have my own little (tiny) place to sew!

Anyway, we enjoyed our trip to Dallas. Thanks for your comments and suggestions regarding places to visit. We saw lots of great art and architecture, and we enjoyed a chance to get away for a while. I did get a little peak at the Balenciaga exhibit during installation. Looks like it's spectacular! If you see it, please drop me a line and tell me about it.

When Todd asks the Kiddo if we messed with Texas, she gives an emphatic "NO!" Smart kid.


  1. i love the cordless phone + cat story :)
    i am really wishing i lived in ny for the garment district tour...

  2. great photos. sounds like a fun trip....funny how kiddo took so well to the bbq sauce.

  3. I, myself, considered messing with Texas, but then I saw the sign and thought Forget IT!!!