Thursday, January 25, 2007

The stars at night are big and bright...

...deep in the heart of Texas! We're in Dallas for a few days, taking advantage of some frequent flier miles (yup, got a few of those courtesty of Todd's job) to view art. Sadly, I'll be missing the Balienciaga exhibit at the Meadows Museum by just a few days. But there's plenty more to see. I had no idea how much art could be found in Dallas Fort Worth!

This is my first visit to Texas. There will be photos and updates, but perhaps not until next week sometime. We'll see how ambitious I am. After all, it's supposed to be a mini-vacation.

See you soon.


  1. The Star Tribune did an article recently about art in texas. Funny you should visit.

  2. thats a gorgeous dress!

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Neiman Marcus downtown is an institute.

    Nasher Sculpture Mueseum.
    Dallas Museum of Art.
    The Modern: Fort Worth.
    The Kimball Museum: Fort Worth.

  4. Don't miss The Modern in Fort Worth. It is so fantastic.

  5. Have a great time....

  6. Thanks to you I found out about Purl Patchwork in nyc- what a find! Thanks!

  7. Enjoy Texas, like everywhere else there are good and bad things. My mom and sis live near Houston. My real reason for commenting is to thank you for the editorial on the sewing book. I had been wondering about it and found your review very helpful! Think I will head out to Borders. Thanks and hope you liked Texas.

  8. Amy M.10:26 AM

    I love that song - I learned it in elementary school and I've never forgotten it - thanks for bringing back a nice memory.