Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hexagon obsession

If you've been reading this little blog for a while, you might recall my mild obsession with hexagon piecing. It started as a dabbling, but the dabbling had such great appeal, I keep returning to it when I get a chance.

hexagon tile floor at the Museum at Eldridge Street

When I teach sewing, I'm always surprised at the number of students who recoil at the idea of hand basting or hand finishing. To me, hand sewing is half the joy of sewing! I rarely get much time to do any sewing for pleasure anymore, so I relish vacations and the chance to make something entirely by hand. I like that that these little hexagon projects are portable and easy to pick up when I have a few minutes. Although, in truth, I have trouble putting them down once I begin.

We took some vacation time between Christmas and New Years, so I finally finished this little doll quilt. I hadn't really intended to finish all the edges like that, but it was a fun challenge once I got going.

I still had vacation time on my hands, so I started this one:

I thought it might be fun to make a quilt using a scrap from every Oliver + S fabric I design for Moda, adding to the quilt with each collection. This is the first two collections (our second collection ships in April, so it isn't in stores yet). I like how they work together.

I'm pleased that I can keep working on this same quilt for a while. We've got enough doll quilts around here to keep a princess with a pea sleeping peacefully, so it's time for a larger project. One that I can work on periodically, whenever I have time.

(This is the technique I use, if you're interested in trying hexagon piecing for yourself.)


  1. Great minds! I saw a picture of your "tree" on another blog and thought I'd like to try my hand at "hexies". Thanks so much for the tutorial link. It's just what I was looking for. And thanks for all the doll quilt ideas. I am expecting my first grandchild this year and see a wall of "quilties" in its future. So fun!

  2. Oh wow, I love those little florals in your new fabric collection. How exciting! You have way too many fun (for me) things going on right now!

  3. They look amazing - and look at those gorgeous deep reds in your new collection, something to look forward to!

  4. I too take pictures of floors, ceilings, woodwork, and doors for inspiration when I travel.

  5. Those colors in the collection are amazing - i love how it all looks