Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekend news

Every Friday S is given a small homework assignment for Kindergarten: weekend news. She's supposed to draw a picture and write a paragraph about something she does over the weekend and then read and present her news to the class on Monday. And every Sunday afternoon or evening we talk about all the things we did and try to help her decide which topic to write about.

I'm frequently surprised at what she chooses.

This evening she was tired and really didn't want to do her homework, so in an effort to excite her about the project I offered to do one myself. She gladly took me up on the idea and quickly generated worksheets for Todd and me to complete. So here is a summary of our weekend. She could have chosen any of the following activities:

2. We had dinner (escargot for S: her favorite food) at a French restaurant in our neighborhood to celebrate the sale of the French rights to Little Things to Sew. It will be available en francais next fall. (Hurray!)

(The big news here was the fact that S ate all her dinner. Todd is a great cook, too, but that's not news if you live at our house.)

4. We spent a little time admiring the Lod mosaic at the Metropolitan museum.

But with all those choices, here is what S chose to feature, instead:

"I had a tea party with my toys on Sunday. I had fun. And ice cream. It was fun for my toys too."

For the record, there is no ice cream at our house right now. So sweets weren't even part of the decision here.


  1. Weekend news are like that... last things that happen are usually what we get, a lot of my students want to tell me about what happened that morning.

  2. So funny - I had skipped past the part about you and Todd doing the assignment and read yours right away. I though S had written it and I was blown away by her writing and vocabulary! LOL. It was good for you, too, Liesl. Ha ha ha