Thursday, August 21, 2008

short and sweet

Oh, so much to tell you! Most of it needs to wait for another day when I'm not so tired. But here are a few items:

The fall Oliver + S line is now live on the website. Go. Sew. Enjoy.

The new issue of small magazine is out, too. Super cute illustrations by Jayme McGowan and lots of great photo styling. Do check it out!

Also, I'm loving these calligraphy styles and am trying to not send these folks everything I ever write. I love it so much I want to send them my To Do list everyday. That would be really inefficient, wouldn't it?

Ok, more later.


  1. I love the pleated skirt in your new line, it's very sweet.

  2. How exciting! I love how the boy/girl illustration models the pattern when you click on the outfit. They are all so cute!

  3. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Squeeee! I already ordered my patterns.

    Now I must stalk the postman. Muwah ha ha ha!

  4. Yeah! Some boy patterns. Thank you!

  5. About to place an order myself!

    Loved the calligraphy website and 'Small', too - I have not heard of it - tell us more about it? What kind of magazine is it?