Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more Grandma

Whew! Fall orders have been shipped, and we're starting to catch up on things that didn't get done while we were away. So S and I took the day off to get some laundry done, run the vacuum, etc. What a relief to have a clean house again! It's nice to be home.

Ok, back to Grandma. I think I'll split things up a bit into several posts rather than show you everything all at once:

This is one of Grandma's designs that she taught as a class. It combines a cross-stitch ribbon design with some pulled thread work. (Right, Mom? I can't remember what this is called. Mom has stitched this one, and it's gorgeous.)

Here is another of Grandma's designs. Remember, I just ran around her house snapping photos, so these aren't great shots. But this is blackwork, and I love the design itself as well as the various patterns and textures that comprise the interior designs. Someday maybe I'll stitch one of these myself. It would be a terrific center for a quilt, wouldn't it?

And I've always loved this one. This was a class she took, and each student designed her own smocking pattern while making a fan. The silk itself has faded enormously, but it's still beautiful. It looks great in Grandma's living room, too. I should have photographed her living room; very not typical Grandma-ish. Spare and modern feeling, actually, although furnished mostly with antiques.

I'll take photos of that next time.


  1. You would love this Etsy shop: Beautiful smocked jewelry.

    I love your blog--you are such an inspiration!

  2. I have a few old lace-work books from the early 1900's that talk about that pulled thread work. There are so many different kinds (according to the old books) and it is all so intricate!

    Love the fan. Your grandma's house is like a perfectly kept time capsule. love it!

  3. I'm a smocker, and I would love to know how the fan is finished on the backside.

    It's a lovely piece of artwork, as are all your grandma's pieces.

    Clearly you come from talent!

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I really, really love that black work. Wow. It would be fabulous in a quilt!

  5. i love that blackwork!!! What a talented woman your grandmother is!