Monday, January 28, 2008

Hellooo out there

As Doctor S and I were on our way home today (after a meeting at FIT with the pattern grader for a last-minute checkup), I happened to glance in the window of a street-level apartment and saw, to my amazement, a young woman sitting in front of her sewing machine with her laptop nearby. My first thought? "Hey, a craft blogger!" And I was soo tempted to wave and smile and motion to her to open her window so I could introduce myself.

But then I remembered, this is New York! I would come across as a total scarey weirdo! So if you live in a street-level apartment on 18th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues and you're a crafter (and/or blogger): Hi!

Ok, here's a quick list of cool crafty things I've been mentally assembling. Gotta put it down so I don't forget them someday when I actually have time to make stuff, you know? (Yup, that'll be someday when I'm widowed and in my 80's, I'm afraid):

1. Make your own Moleskine-style book. Because with all the Moleskines I carry around (datebook, sketchbook, memo pockets for business receipts, etc.) this would be very cool to do, especially with recycled papers. Note to self: get a copy of that book! I want to make books with real spines.

2. Felt fortune cookies. Never mind Valentine's Day; these are cute anytime!

3. Aw, heck, as long as I'm showing you Martha's crafts, how about this great knitting basket made from an old (felted?) sweater?

4. And since I mentioned Valentine's Day as well, Molly's fabulous stitched cards (photo from the Purl Bee; I miss you all, Purlies!). I think I might finish the backs by gluing a piece of colored paper to cover the wrong side of the fabric. Or maybe by sewing the paper to the back around the perimeter of the card?

5. A circle applique quilt that looks like this print. Wouldn't that be gorgeous? Especially on a white ground. Hmm, maybe I could manage this as a doll quilt in the meantime...

Ok, back to work.


  1. Anonymous12:51 AM

    I love the fortune cookies but don't understand what would keep the candy inside. They really are cute.

  2. I have to fight the urge to ask people wearing hand knit scarves and hats whether or not they blog. The community and friendliness of the blog world makes me forget that I'm a New Yorker sometimes.

  3. those fortune cookies rock. got my creative juices flowing!
    but what i reallllllly wanna know is when you'll once again have the backpack pattern available???

  4. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Down here in Atlanta, I think a smile and wave would have led to a nice conversation about crafting and blogging. :)

  5. It sounds like one of those weird moments like when you are singing to yourself in the car and look over to find the person in the next car singing the same song. You feel strangely connected to them yet when you smile they quickly turn the other way. :) Good to know there are other cheerful people out there!

  6. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Great craft inspiration! I love the idea of using an old sweater for a knitting basket. Damn Martha and her great ideas! :)

  7. Great fun blog. This is my first visit. Fortune cookies do look very fun. ~jen~

  8. Nice blog, I get a lot of craft inspiration :)

  9. There is a bond, isn't there. . . between us crafty bloggers. I feel an immediate connection with anyone who takes the time to share their creative projects and ideas in this vast way. Like you! Thanks!

  10. I love the pretty stitched cards.

  11. Wonderful links. Thanks!

    I often wonder who in my community may be a craft blogger. I peek at other ladies looking at the sewing section at the bookstore. Are they? :)

    Love YOUR blog by the way.

  12. stitch cards? I never thought of that. Thanks for that craft inspiration! =))

  13. There's a yahoo group called hedgehogs forever. Hedgehogs are Lee Peterson's name for her moleskin like books. If you aren't overwhelmed with other things to do, you might consider joining.

  14. mmm, love circles in circles..
    love quilting,love circles,quilted circles..what a cool idea.
    will be posting some pics of my hadmade(of course) cards that i think you will love..once again circles in circles.