Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thank you!

I've told you before about my annual birthday card "editions." We're a big family; I'm a somewhat disorganized person (but really, really trying to be organized): if we're going to have any chance of mailing out birthday cards on time, those cards had better be made in advance. And we need to have a lot of cards on hand!

Every year I make everyone the same card (more or less) with a cupcake theme. Since most of the family has at least seen the 2007 cards now, it's probably safe to show them publicly without ruining too many surprises. Here are this year's cards in a few of their iterations. As you can see, they're made from fabric and paper scraps that are glued and stitched together to create mini collages.

If I keep track of the calendar, I should be able to get a card into the mail in time for everyone's birthdays, right? Theoretically, yes. In practice? Ask my family how often their cards arrive on time. I don't have a great record, I'm afraid.

I wish I could send a card, birthday or other, to everyone who reads this blog. There are times when maintaining blog can feel a bit like one more responsibility in my life. But I get so much pleasure out of reading comments, exchanging email, and reading other blogs: the extra effort is always worthwhile!

And now the response to the backpack pattern has been waaaaay more than I expected, and I'm really grateful to you. Once again, all my hard work has been rewarded more than I imagined, just in the terrific number of you who have responded by ordering a copy.

And although it may not be your birthday today, these cards are for you. If I could, I'd take you out for a celebratory ice cream as well. (After all, I still need some myself!)

Instead, I'd better get busy putting together more hardware kits, buying more envelopes, and preparing to ship a lot of patterns. Which is rewarding in itself.

So thank you. I appreciate your enthusiasm; it makes all the hard work worthwhile.


  1. when you do get super organized, my birthday is august 14, so you still have time....

  2. Claudia5:00 PM

    What a great idea. And they don't even make you fat.

  3. I was eating icecream when I read this, so I feel thanked on the inside, too.

  4. I love you birthday card editions! I actually want to implement the idea in my family.

    And hey, my birthday's Friday, so thanks for the card!

  5. Oh, I should really do this--I never, never send birthday cards. Every once in awhile I have a massive guilt--then I continue ignoring....sigh.

  6. I'll put my disorganized hand up too...:-)
    But anybody who loves and accepts you for who you are won't be worried about their card being a little late, they'll just appreciate the love behind the card (whenever it actually gets there!)
    Gorgeous cards, great idea.
    Al the best, Jo

  7. Congratulations on the pattern success! I'm looking forward to receiving mine!

  8. i love reading your blog, so thank YOU!

  9. An interesting blog.

    I am very new the 'blog' world but have been crafting at least 60 years. You can see some of our activities at www.wellsprings

    Shalom, Lady Jem from

  10. Such a lovely idea - I should have thought of this for SweetPea's cupcake birthday!