Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good Day, Bad Day

Whew, what a week! I'm reminded of the new Kevin Henkes book we've been reading (thanks, Mom and Dad!), because every day seems to waver from one extreme to the other. For example, I lost my keys while running errands (too many packages and too much of a hurry: my usual problem) but then found them two days later (without the Tiffany keyring, of course). And a certain two-year-old drew all over the sofa with red ink, but then we bought some hairspray and were able to remove the stains completely.

Of course there were a few unmitigated bad items in our week: a certain someone tore a page from my library book (small problem) and has decided she no longer takes naps (BIG problem). But those two negatives were happily counteracted by the arrival of a new laptop (now I can work from wherever, whenever) and our first big step toward potty training (whoo-hoo!).

And the best item of the week? Well there were actually several, and one was certainly your fantastic response to the backpack pattern. Another one, which has me especially cheerful right now, is that I'm travelling to see my sewing, knitting, otherwise-needle-art-talented Grandma this weekend. We have some projects to work on together. And I'm travelling alone.

Got that? Alone. No potty training, tantrums, red ink, book tearing, no-napping, or early waking.

Poor Todd. I hope he survives.

In the meantime, here are a few favorite items to keep you busy:

Pretty, modern take on the cake stand

Our favorite method of brewing coffee

Adorable little sketchbook

Dr. Bronner's organic peppermint liquid soap. I've seen this product in the natural food stores for years now, but I'd never tried it until Bluelines mentioned it and then I found it at Trader Joe's the following day. Oh, love! It's all tingly and delicious-smelling.

One of my favorite books from childhood, the Betsy series from Maude Hart Lovelace.

The backpack patterns are nearly ready to go but, unfortunately, haven't quite made it into the mail yet. My apologies for the delay; there are so many to be printed and assembled, and although the envelopes are all prepared, the patterns themselves must await stuffing until my return next week.

Have a great holiday!


  1. Love the cake stand! (and ALL the book covers - great illustrations!)

  2. I love Kevin Henkes - his books and illustrations are incredible. I wrote a paper on his body of work for a Children's Lit class and really got to explore his collection - he has so many great ones out there - both picture books and young adult lit.

  3. That is a lovely cakestand. And I'd like to hear more about that hairspray solution to cleaning red ink off of your sofa.

    But most important of all, WHOO-HOO! Have a fun grown-up trip all by yourself!!

  4. Betsy and Tacy were top favorites of mine as well! My friend and I even assigned ourselves (and our other, often unwitting friends) characters and played Betsy, Tacy and Tib for hours! Thanks for reminding me, I may have to go find those!

  5. thanks for all the links and I too am interested about the hairspray use. Have a great time with your Grandma (she says just a teeny bit jealously!!)

  6. Kevin Henkes is great, no? I totally relate to the ups and downs recently. Your links have boosted my down mood a bit. Thanks!

  7. Hi Liesl! My sisters and I all loved reading about Besty, Tacy, and Tib. I hope your little one finds these girls as endearing as we did!

  8. I love the Betsy-Tacy books more than I can say. I've been trying to track down copies with the original covers. Among other things, I always loved the descriptions of food in them.

    There's a PBS home repair show that recently remodeled the Lovelace's home that inspired the books.

  9. I only use Dr Bronners, but I change scents with the seasons. I use peppermint in the winter because it smells like candy canes, tea tree in the fall because it reminds me of turpentine and college art class (but in a good way!) and lavendar, my favorite, in the summer!

  10. Anonymous12:55 AM

    There are some great sites about the Betsy-Tacy books and Maud Hart Lovelace--also two national societies and a listserve group of about 200. Check out the Betsy-Tacy Society webiste for more info.