Thursday, May 31, 2007

Positive signs

We're in the midst of The Great Toddler Revolt at our house, and I was fairly sure the Dictator would express extreme displeasure at my absence earlier this week. But no. Instead, she was a perfect angel--until approximately three minutes after I walked in the door.

And you know fun was had when you return home to this:

Aren't they great? The pictures were taken at a party they attended one evening, where Tsia wasn't sure she wanted to sit in the photo booth until she saw the results. Then Todd couldn't keep her away. I'll be framing the photos; I think they're priceless.

So she was just fine without me. In fact, while they were waiting in line to get ice cream at the party she gave Todd a big hug and said, "Tsia happy!"

Which makes me happy.


  1. Aww, those photos are too cute!

  2. Those snaps are adorable! What a great thing to have at a party...I will file that idea away for future reference :) Daddy & Daughter stuff always makes me miss my own silly Daddy...must give him a call...

  3. my two favorites are 2nd row, 4th pic and 3rd row, 2nd pic. cute cute

  4. Deeeeelightful....

  5. Anonymous10:04 AM

    those are too funny!

  6. Adrienne2:09 PM

    Oh my god, how cute! Those are the best pics ever. Thanks for sharing.

  7. those are so great. hope you had a lovely time
    i wonder if that was at the locale if they rented the photo booth
    in any case what a great idea

  8. so cute! she is looking just like you!

  9. Claudia5:15 PM

    Do you have and idea of when you will ship the pattern /kits? I am so excited to get started.