Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Martha and other obsessions

Back in August I posted about a great kids bedroom in Martha Stewart Kids magazine. Here are two more rooms from recent issues of the magazine.

I love the colors and the spare furnishings in this room:

And this room is my current obsession:

I love the colors, again. And that bamboo bed is so neat! But I'm really loving the quilt.

Yesterday Bebe and I stopped into ABC Carpet and Home while we were out running errands. I haven't been there in ages, which is silly because we live so close. I had fogotten what an amazing (and expensive) store it is. So much inspiration to be found! The downstairs is full of gorgeous upholstery fabrics that I can guarantee I will be investigating further. But I went primarily to look at the quilts. I'm thinking about making a quilt for Bebe similar to the one in the photo; it would be a solid piece of fabric with a lot of colorful hand quilting and maybe some embroidery on it. And I want to use the fabric at the bottom of this page, if I can figure out how to order it.

So I said that ABC was expensive? Yup. I found the quilts like the one in the photo. The fabric was not very good quality. Yes, it was covered by hand-stitching, but the prices started at $575! I think I can make one that's much nicer. And no matter what oil prices are at present, I suspect I'll spend a little less than $575 on the fabric and shipping. Quilting labor not included.



  1. Hi, Liesl, You definitely could make a quilt for less and would be nicer. I don't know if I ever told you, but I did a quilting "class" right after Heleen was born -- if I (stress on I, me, Deb), then YOU can!! :-)
    PS -- Am I allowed to comment like this?

  2. what a cute room! have you been watching martha's apprentice show? my roommates and i are hooked on it, along with the donald one.