Monday, August 22, 2005

Little's room

The most recent Martha Stewart Kids magazine has several really great photos in it. My favorites are in the article about decorating kids' rooms:

I love the color scheme (tomato and ice blue) and the clothes line idea. This would be especially great for older children who have artwork and favorite souvenirs to display, or for babies with mothers who like to rearrange (yes, I did spend today's naptime moving books on the bookcase when I could have been doing laundry, packing for our vacation, or some other useful thing). Mmm, and that chair! I'd love to own one like that!

Maybe in a few years when Little has her own room we can use some of the ideas from Martha's people. Little currently lives in the closet of our bedroom, which we've done our best to make as nursery-esque as possible. I'm rather proud of the work we did.

My husband painted the walls and installed the electrical system (with a dimmer switch - my hero!). I painted the mural and selected the fixtures. The cat in the corner is modeled after our own beloved P-cat (seen in the first photo), who Little is completely fascinated with already. I suspect that she'll soon take after her father and develop an almost unhealthy obsession with dogs.


  1. the murals are so amazing!

  2. I know this is late - but I just followed the link from your last post. The mural is incredible! You have created such a lovely space.

  3. You painted the mural charicatures? I love it! Wow - such talent!