Friday, October 07, 2005

You know you're a stressed-out 24-7 Mum when

going to the dentist seems like a nice break! Yes, I was happy to get my teeth cleaned today. I got to carry a handbag, wear sandals with high heels, sit back in a chair and close my eyes.

Yesterday ranked near the top of my worst-days-ever list. It started out fine: we were planning to take the train to my sister's house to see my parents and my sister and her kids. Little and I both like to visit; she loves playing with her older cousins.

Anyway, Little has been sporting an occasional fever lately; Todd and I have both noticed it, but we give her a little Tylenol and it goes away. It might show up a day or two later or it might disappear for several days. But because it's come and gone for weeks now we thought maybe it was time to call the pediatrician about it.

I should probably say that I'm a type-A person hiding in a type-B personality; I mean, I'm pretty laid back, but I can also be a control freak. and I didn't want to be a typical first-time worrywort mother, so when the doctor expressed extreme concern and asked me to come into the office immediately I started to feel really bad about not calling earlier. The pediatrician detected some blood in the urine sample they took, so we're waiting for test results. We're starting to think the poor kid has a UTI and has been fighting it for weeks! I feel awful about not doing anything about it earlier.

When we finished at the doctor's it was too late to make our planned trip and I was a little concerned about exposing Little to any more potential germs if she has an infection, so we headed home. And when Little fell asleep on our bed I decided that I wouldn't try to move her since she would inevitably wake and cry and that's no fun for either of us. So I surrounded her with all the pillows in the house and went into the living room until near the end of her nap, at which time I would return to be in the bedroom when she woke up.

Little woke up early, and I knew this as soon as I heard the enormous thud in the bedroom. She screamed, I felt terrible, and the pediatrician (twice in one day? This is really bad) said to check her every hour during the night to be sure she responded, and to check her head for bumps or swelling over the ears.

She's fine. And I am too. And I know I'm not the first mother to go through these things. Now that a full day has passed, I'm starting to gain some perspective.

So that was our day. Now for some fun stuff.

I was thrilled to find a 2006 datebook at Kate's Paperie.

Last year I found the 2005 100Drine book in a little Parisian stationer (oooh, it's fun to say that!). I wanted something equally fun for 2006 but didn't find anything interesting while we were in Barcelona. And so, Olivia. I think she's a little over-hyped by her publisher; the first book was great, but the others haven't been as fun. And what's up with all the recycling that goes on? It was too hard to draw some new pictures for the Olivia Counts and Olivia's Opposites books? Anyway, I'm ready for 2006.

I also found these dishtowels at Anthropologie, and I want to make them into aprons. I hope they will make nice Christmas gifts (are aprons stupid gifts? I think they're rather cool, but will other people like them too?) when some interesting fabrics and trims are added:

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