Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Projects for the road

I needed to bring along a few projects to keep me busy while we're away, so here's what I packed:

Garnet Hill has this great citrus patterned sheets and shower curtain that they featured on a recent cover. I was inspired to try my hand at applique and decided to make a cosmetic bag. My grandma showed me a really great way to do applique when I was visiting her last week - she actually showed me three different ways, but the stitches almost don't show at all with one of her methods. I've finished all appliqueing all the little citrus sections on one side, and I'm planning to do the other side the same way.

I really loved how this little cosmetic bag looks too, and I used it as a starting point for another cosmetic bag/pencil bag made entirely of ribbons lined up edge to edge. Grandma suggested that it would be fun to weave the ribbons together, so maybe the next cosmetic bag project will attempt something along those lines.

And the third project is - surprise! another cosmetic bag! - also inspired by the same Japanese craft book - see the top little green bag in this photo. What is it with me and cosmetic bags right now? I really don't even use them, but I suppose they might be handy for all the junk I throw into the diaper bag and then can't locate - lip balm, cell phone, etc. They might also make nice Christmas gifts. Not like me to be working on something so far in advance, however.

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