Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Instant gratification

Now that Little is getting bigger and sleeps a little better for naps and at night, I'm feeling ready to tackle some larger projects. But earlier this summer, when I had very little time to myself, I needed some instant gratification and found that embellishing tshirts was the perfect small project. Here are some of my favorites:

On this tshirt I painted the white flowers and then stitched on top of the paint. I used mailing labels as the stencil for the paint - they worked really well and could even be re-used once or twice.

I cut out the neckline on this tshirt and added a ribbon straight down the front and the back. The ribbon is attached via hand stitching in a zigzag pattern.

This tshirt was a lot of fun to make. I painted the body of the dragonfly and then added all the details (legs, wings, antenna) with embroidery stitches. The flight pattern is stitched as well.

This one took quite a bit of time. I cut out the neckline and stitched additional pieces of fabric onto the neck, leaving raw edges and visible knots at the beginning and ends of each thread, a la Project Alabama.

Clearly I need to take better photos of my work. But at least you get the idea here.


  1. cool. i love the project alabama shirt. nicely done!

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