Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Completed sewing projects

While we were visiting family in Michigan last week I had an opportunity to complete a few sewing projects.

I bought the paisley skirt last year and liked it so much I decided to make a similar skirt in black. I found the fabric at B&J (as always) - it's a beautiful silk/linen blend. And I made the pattern based on the original skirt. I didn't sew it as neatly as I intended to - I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and it really irritates me when I try to hem a flared skirt and have to ease in the extra fabric. Also, the yoke/waistband and its facing didn't lie as smoothly as I thought they would. But I'm reasonably happy with it. Sorry the photos aren't so great; I just pulled the skirt out of my luggage, so the skirt is all wrinkled, and the light in our apartment isn't so great.

The camisole is from the Japanese book isbn4-579-11043-9 that I saw here and then found at Kinokuniya. I added a tiny loop at the back seam and attached a really long self tie to it so that it can be cinched down and be a little less voluminous. I think it's sort of fun to have the option to wear it with and without the tie. Sorry again for the bad photos.

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