Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Crazy quilt bib

Poor Little; yesterday and today she just hasn't been herself. We think she's cutting her first tooth: grumpy, drooling, biting everything is sight, a slight fever. And now she has to spend the night on an airplane! This should be fun for everyone. I'm packing lots of baby Tylenol and her teddy bear.

Anyway, when I told Grandma about how the baby's clothing is often drenched with drool lately, she made this darling crazy quilt bib. I traced a bib that fit well and sent the shape to her; she then used that shape as the template for the piecing. And as she was making it we discussed the idea that a side fastening bib would be more convenient and practical, but neither of us had much success with revising the bib template.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when we returned home from our visit and my YesAsia order arrived in the mail - this bib pattern was included in For Sweet Baby (isbn-07-246385-X). More about this fantastic book in another post, but I'm sending a copy of the template to Grandma for her files!

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