Friday, February 10, 2012

scenes from last weekend

Disdressed is finally getting a little upgrade! Things are progressing slowly around here, but already I think it's a bit easier to navigate and I'm liking the cleaned-up appearance. Do you agree?

Here are a few scenes from last weekend. S learned to ice skate and loved it so much that we're going again tomorrow. The the rink is located right in our apartment complex this year, and the neighborhood kids all love it and are quickly becoming fantastic skaters.

I took these photos early Sunday morning before New York was awake. I love exploring the city when it's so quiet, like on Christmas day when no one is around, and the West Village is especially fun for window shopping and discovering adorable little hidden cafes and restaurants when you're the only one out.

In other news:
  • My dad called yesterday, on his way back to Antarctica after coming home for two days between trips there. Believe it or not, it was easier to come home (even for just that long) than to get from New Zealand (the end of his first trip) to South America (where he leaves for his next trip). He departed for the first trip before Christmas and won't be back from the second one until sometime in April. That's a lot of travel, even for my dad.
  • S is fascinated with magic right now, and we're up to our elbows in magic shows. Would you like to see a box of crayons disappear? Please??
  • Todd and I went to see this with some friends last night and had a terrific time. I highly recommend it if you come to New York for a visit. I loved everything about it and couldn't begin to do justice to the production. The sets, the sounds, even the smells. Or the bizarre sense of isolation one gets from wearing and being surrounded by other audience members in masks. It was all very sexy and thrilling, and I'd go again in a heartbeat. (Although it couldn't possibly be the same experience the second time around.)
  • I really need to stop watching TV shows about teenagers. I obsessed my way through all the seasons of Gossip Girl (the fashion!) and then Friday Night Lights (the writing!). Someone move me along with a grown-up selection? Please? 
  • It's fashion week

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love Friday Night Lights and was so sad to see it end. I've introduced my 14 yo daughter to FNL. We watch 1 episode a week together. She keeps saying "I can't believe how good this is, better than anything else I've seen." and we are only on episode 5

  2. You need to explore Downton Abbey next. I'm mildly obsessed. :)

    Love the pictures of the city. "Someday", I keep telling myself.

  3. my daughters nyc public school goes ice skating 5-6 times every year. she started in preK and is a 2nd grader this year. She loves it, and i am glad that she is learning with minimal effort on my part. they skate in central park and its great fun.
    ive been watching Once and Again on DVD. I watched it when it was on in 1999 and still enjoy it. Who wouldnt love Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, a pre-teen Evan Rachel Wood and occasional appearances by Patrick Dempsey (the mentally ill brother)

  4. What show was it you went to see? It sounds very interesting?

  5. Ella, there's a link in my post. The production is called Sleep No More. It's an immersion theater re-telling of MacBeth, 1930's style.

  6. Liesl: the link is missing in your blog item to Sleep No More. But I figured it out. thanks for writing, I love your blog. deborah

  7. OK- for the best show ever you need to netflix or borrow from library- Deadwood. it was a series on HBO, but it is over- but it was an amazing show. the dialog is incredible, the costumes might inspire too! Also retired from HBO- Carnivale. They should have kept going past 2 seasons, but it was very well done. As far as current'y on TV...30 Rock is incredibly funny & clever. On Showtime- Shameless & The United States of Tara are fantastic. Of course, project runway & top chef for guilty pleasures! : )

    One of these days we have to introduce your S to my just turned 8 M.
    miss you!