Friday, January 27, 2012

year of the dragon

If you've noticed that I've been absent even more than usual you've probably guessed that my schedule has been a little busy. We've been working on developing a new brand that we'll be launching later this spring, and it's kept me even more occupied than anticipated. I had good blogging intentions, and I've been carrying the camera along with me but somehow never using it. I hauled it all the way to Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago and took only three quick photos. Which makes it even more ironic that when I finally had a chance to photograph something (and time to stand still, no less) I had only the ipod with me. But it was Chinese New Year, and S and her friend were thrilled by the popping firecrackers and the confetti and the many, many dragons. I thought I'd share it with you.

We admired the beautiful women on decorated floats:

I liked the home-made dragons:

and the more elaborate dragons:

the drum carts:

the delegations meeting mid-parade:

and especially the little dragons-in-training:

So happy year of the dragon! I missed wishing you a happy 2012, so let's throw that in as well, shall we? I'm hoping to manage a little blog re-design and a lot more blogging very soon. And of course I'll let you know when our new project is up and ready for its reveal, too.


  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    What kind of new brand? Are there any hints? ;) I have been checking in on your blog every so often and wondering if something was wrong with my computer- there were no new posts since Nov! :) Glad everything is good, just busy!

  2. those were great -- shows how much i like your writing and pictures -- I kept coming back until there was a new post. Happy year of the dragon!

  3. Wonderful pictures of the Chinese New Year! We have two little Asian treasures in our family and are always trying to find Asian markets, do Asian crafts, etc. Love this post! We are new bloggers (mother/daughter duo). Stop by and visit us, if you get a chance. Thanks for inspiring us newbies!! :)