Thursday, October 29, 2009

a blue silk winter coat?

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for fabric in the garment district.

Tsia needs a new winter coat, and I'm planning to make a her warm School Days Coat next month. Since I'm going to be in the neighborhood anyway, I'll be shopping for her too. I'm guessing that I'll be able to find her a great wool-cashmere coating at Mood. (Because for the less than the price of a nice wool at B&J, I can probably find a cashmere blend at Mood. And darn that because I like B&J so much better!)

Anyway, this was my exchange with Tsia tonight as she was lying in bed:

Liesl: "What color fabric would you like me to buy for your new winter coat?"
Tsia: "Blue and pink."
Liesl: "OK, but it can only be one color, so which do you prefer?"
Tsia (under her breath): "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...." (Out loud.) Blue. Silk!"
Liesl: "Well, since it's a coat, I think it needs to be wool. So I'll look for some blue wool, OK?"
Tsia: "OK, but can I have a matching tissue?" (Meaning, a matching handkerchief.)
Liesl: "OK, I can probably do that." (Thinking "OK, I'll use something with pink for the lining and make a handkerchief out of that." I can't imagine a wool handkerchief would be very pleasant.)

I guess that silk Jump Rope Dress made an impression. Anyway, here comes a blue wool coat.

And I keep meaning to tell you that CraftSanity posted a podcast interview with me the other day. Todd tells me that anyone who has listened to the news in the last year now understands what a hedge fund is, so my apologies for dumbing down the explanation of what George Soros was doing in the 1990s.


  1. Aw, come on Liesl, you've got to admire a girl who knows what she wants!

  2. I can't wait to see the coat! How sweet for little Tsia with a matching handkerchief; it doesn't get any more adorable than that.

    Does she like hankies? Has she seen the little children's set from Moda? SweetPea has some that she's played with since she was 2-years-old - so cute!

    And, oh how I would have enjoyed hearing that conversation between you and Todd about the George Soros reference. Too funny! I admit, that was one of the first things I told Carm - 'did you know Liesl used to work for George Soros!!' (It really was a great interview, Liesl!)

  3. Can't wait to see the coat! I've got one in the works for Jack. Such a great pattern design.

  4. Oh, how I wish I was going shopping in the garment district. I'm a tad jealous.....

  5. Aw Liesl, I am screamingly jealous!!! Every week I watch Project Runway and dream of wasting lots of time in Mood. Have a lovely time and I hope you find some gorgeous wool. I can't wait to see the coat!


  6. Hi Liesl!

    I'm so with you on B&J over Mood.

    My trips into the city are so rare now that I feel I deserve B&J (Ha! I just buy less). Plus I can justify it, because fabric or yarn shopping with the little one is a total compromise (what did I just buy) and I can get in and out of B&J while my husband and the toddler hang out downstairs (insert laughs here when considering Mood on a time crunch).

  7. Liesl, I really enjoyed the interview with you! I listened to it yesterday while sewing the hood for my son's School Days Coat.

    Maybe a silk coat for Tsia this spring? I'll be anxious to see what fabric you buy at Mood!