Monday, September 21, 2009

last week

Here is a smattering of photos taken over the past couple of weeks. Nothing in particular, but some fun things I thought I would share.

We had the pleasure of meeting some of our cross-town neighbors in the West Village at a giant block party last weekend. The event was based on the Palios of Siena and was organized to raise money for historically-based streetlights on the block.

Tables were stretched the full length of the street, and what a stylish bunch of New Yorkers!

The kids got busy playing bocce while the grown-ups chatted and ate terrific foods prepared by the neighborhood restaurants.

And here's proof that the Jump Rope Dress can also climb walls (but not very high--see that worried look?)...

...and waits nicely for the bus downtown. (No, she doesn't usually wear silk to school. Believe me.)

And I want to give a public shout-out to my former studio mate and dear friend Michelle, who worked tirelessly for the past two or three years to launch her Sea Warriors exhibit at the South Street Seaport downtown. See her beautiful flags on the lampposts?

Here's Tsia showing you her matching T-shirt,

and here's Michelle at the opening. I love the hem of her apron dress!

Another of her flags. I'm so proud of her!

If you ever visit the Seaport, you must see Bowne and Co. Stationers, where the curator/printer will demonstrate letterpress for you and you can purchase beautiful samples of his work.

After the opening we were treated to a special after-party in this fascinating building. (Our apartment complex doesn't exactly have an over-sized chandelier in the entry-way like this, you might be surprised to learn...)

We headed to the roof of the building where we could look up through the tree-top garden to the buildings of Wall Street overhead.

I especially liked the outdoor fireplace, which was perfect on a cool evening.

But what's that security block on the street below us?

Why, it's the New York Stock Exchange, just across the street! What a frieze for an eye-level view, no?

Back soon.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Wow, I can't even imagine having a daily view of things like that! I'm a small town girl. That street dinner party looks like so much fun. Thanks for a glimpse into big city life!

  2. What great pictures and a wonderful glimpse into New York life. I love your city.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What's that I spy? I couldn't quite tell at first but something caught my eye. When I zoomed in on the pictures... is that the little birdhouse fabric? Did I know you made a skirt with it, too? I don't think I did. I actually need to get SweetPea's out and lengthen it - she was a little sprout this summer.

    Enjoyed the photo of the NYSE view. That's incredible! And that block party - I want one like that... I wonder what the drivers-by would think if we blocked traffic with a dinner.

    What wonderful views of New York.

  5. Wow !! So ccol, the tables in the street !! Something that could never happen in Paris (where I live)!!! Thanks for the pictures ... Last time I was in NY was in 2001. I really love that city and miss it a lot. Now that my children are getting older (5&2), we might begin to consider an little trip there ??