Monday, December 10, 2007

So, so sad

I learned from a friend today that Blueprint has just stopped publishing on a regular basis. That's it.

What is the world coming to? First Martha Stewart Kids, now Blueprint? Ack.

Ok, on to some happy things:

*Hillary's free pig ornament pattern. Cute!

*Mitten ornaments made by a kindergarten class. I'm amazed.

*Thanksgiving decorations that I just can't seem to put away, despite an abundance of Christmas and winter decorations that are in the process of going up. Something about the Wisconsinite in me just loves winter wheat, especially in snow-covered fields. (note to self: must get home for a visit soon!)

*Spending a happy afternoon in the studio with Ms. Tsia helping to wrap and assemble Christmas gifts for the mail.

Ok, time to get one kiddo off to bed. I swear sometimes she gets less sleep than I and seems to do better for it as well.


  1. Oh NO that is such sad news about Blueprint! Sniffle.

  2. ahhh...and I was going to ask for a subscription for chrismas. Guess I wasn't in time to save it :O)

    Very sad

  3. That's really disappointing about Blueprint.

    Mary @ Confessions of a Craft Addict

  4. OOOH!!! Mitten props! Again, I can't tell you enough about how those kids enjoyed making those mittens. I'm so proud of their good work. All of the other kindergarten teachers are jealous!

  5. stacysews9:44 AM

    Oh no! I hadn't head that about Blueprint!

  6. I am very sad...and disappointed.
    For years I was looking to subscribe to a magazine that fit my lifestyle and interest. Blueprint was the magazine.
    I missed the first 3 issues... any idea where i can get it?

  7. My husband told me about Blueprint last night. I thought it was so weird since it had just gone to monthly vs. quarterly issues. Just odd.

  8. Theresa8:20 PM

    I ordered quite a few different magazines through my son's School fundraiser. Blueprint was one of them.
    I hope I get my money back! I also enjoy Domino and Martha’s Body & Soul. Crossing finger they don’t cancel that one too.


  9. Hi, I found you though another blog!

    I just found out about BluePrint about 20 minutes ago! I wwas watching Martha as she announced it. This past issue was really good too!


  10. lery lin, I saw on Martha's website that you can order back issues from this number, here is what it says:

    To order back issues of Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Everyday Food, Blueprint, Baby (no longer published), Kids (no longer published), or special issues, please call our single-copy division toll-free at 800-274-6800.

    Hope that helps. I plan on ordering some for myself!

  11. sad, :( i love getting blueprint in the mail! but thanks for the link to the piggy ornament! so cute!

  12. aha! thanks Sally.

    Thanks disdressed for the the mitten patttern. I am going to try to do it with my boys.

  13. www.Shannylee.com3:03 PM

    It's peculiar to me because they mention combining Weddings and Blueprint because women in the same age-range read them. The problem there is that if I'm not planning a wedding, I'm not going to buy a wedding magazine...

    Plus, I just bought a year long subscription last month. I wonder what they plan on doing with those dollars... hmmm...

    It is very upsetting, though. I love Blueprint.

  14. I just found this out yesterday and am so bummed! I agree, her Kids magazine was great too. I don't think that keeping Blueprint as a blog will be the same.

  15. The demographic were weird. I can't imagine a 20-30 something making the kind of money. I know that starting out you just don't make that kind of money. In addition I always felt like they were telling their audience "this is what you should be attaining, this is your life." What if you like it but can't afford it? Does one feel inadequate? What is wrong with me that I don't have this kind of life? I found it a bit "off" but then again I am a bit older.

  16. Miss Sassy http://sassypriscilla.typepad.com3:57 PM

    Man - I just paid for my subscription for Blueprint and a gift subscription. That ticks me off. Yes - come back to Wisconsin for a visit. Lots of snow these days!