Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Special request, Houston residents?

update: Thank you, Laura! We're all set!

Hello, Houston! Does anyone living there happen to have a corner of your garage I can borrow? I need to ship some boxes in advance of my arrival for Market and need someplace for them to go. There will be three or four separate deliveries, none of them very large (between 1 and 4 medium-sized boxes each). If you're willing to receive and store the boxes until I arrive on October 25 would you drop me a line? I'd really appreciate it, and it would save me a bundle of money, since the convention center charges gobs for each individual shipment they receive. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    You may already know the answer to this. Could you ship them to your hotel?

  2. I live in Friendswood, a suburb of H. would the shipments come at a predictable time? or would one need to be home all day while waiting for them. My garage is a mess but it would give me an incentive to clean an area.

  3. I would, but I will be in NYC during the time you'd be here.

    Maybe you can ship them to your hotel

  4. I live in Midtown/Montrose (near downtown) and actually work from home so I'd be able to receive shipments. You're more than welcome to send them to me here. Please drop me a line at lserna@rice.edu.

  5. Anonymous8:23 PM

    I can help too. I'm in the Heights, just north of downtown. My email is pdq@pdq.net
    Maryellen Quarles