Saturday, October 06, 2007

Catch up: random, random, random

For years now I've been convinced that my brain has a (very) limited volume and that for every item that goes in, another leaves. That theory was reinforced this week when I learned how to calculate electric volts using amps and watts but entirely forgot where I placed the memory card for our camera (it was someplace safe, of course). I'm still looking but about to give up now that the new flash has arrived and I'm eager to try it out.

Wow, what a productive week! We've been out walking the city most days, buying lighting for the booth (thus the amps and such), selecting envelopes for press kits and looking for the perfect booth decorations. My feet are tired. But when we weren't out pounding the streets I was busy on the phone or on email, pulling together all the other details. It's so exciting and nerve-wracking to be launching this crazy scheme!

Anyway, SewNancy tagged me a long time ago, and I'm only just getting around the responding. Truth is, I think I've run out of things to tell you about myself. You already know a lot about me, and I'm having trouble thinking up more trivia to add to the pot. Here's what I've got (only five):

1. I love working with yeast and flour: bread, pizza dough, etc. Pie crusts I tolerate. Cakes and cookies, not so much. So I can't say I love baking; I only love certain kinds of baking.

2. I've always wanted to collect souvenir buildings and recently purchased my first few from the local kitch shops in midtown. Mine aren't old like the ones I admire, but they are the heavy pewter type and I love them. Can't even begin to explain why; I just do.

3. I was all excited the other day because I thought Blogger had suddenly made it easier to reply to your comments. But I was wrong. It still involves researching each individual's blog for an email address, etc. So if you've registered with Blogger and leave a comment, Blogger may or may not let me reply directly. When will they improve this feature? I would love to reply to every single comment you leave!

4. Someday I'd like to learn shoe making. But not right now.

5. I've thought up a terrific Halloween costume and probably won't have time to make it. Not that I was going anywhere on Halloween anyway.

Not really being the tagging sort, I think I'll leave my tags open. If you read this and feel compelled to post about yourself, drop me a line and I'll put a link to your post here.


  1. Um, about replying to comments with blogger: I find that when I get notified pf comments by e-mail I can simply hit the reply button in my e-mail program when the person has a blogger profile with an e-mail address. Otherwise of course it takes more time and sometimes it is impossible.

  2. I'm leaving this to see if you can reply. I'm studying your NY recommendations because I'm going there at the end of the month. thanks so much for that. If you ever want to know about New Zealand, I'm your gal!

  3. Hi L! I've been trying to catch up and wanted to say I am so excited for your new venture, congratualtions!!! You and I are sounding a lot alike these days, meaning something leaves my brain when something new comes in, and yeast, flour and dough are my refuge (when I can't sew) and pastry dough/crust scares me!

    Keep up the good work (and no need to reply : )

  4. Those shoes are pretty much amazing..

  5. I've found my architect husband some great souvenir buildings on eBay - Canyons of Steel. I try to give him one each Christmas.

  6. ooooo...i want those shoes!

  7. Anonymous11:41 PM

    just stopping in to say hello! i love your blog, i read it all the time.
    i am terrible with pastry dough. i love to cook for insane amounts of people, huge beef tenderloins, gobs and gobs of rosemary mashed potatoes, beautiful string beans with slivered almonds....big hearty dinners during the holidays. i love a full kitchen, all the converstion makes me giddy.

  8. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Oh, I could tell everyone some REALLY interesting things about you, big sis!

  9. Ditto on the shoes....

  10. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I'd love to know where you found those shoes!

  11. Liesl, I can't wait to see more on the patterns!

    And the way comments come are based on the preferences selected by the commenter, not blogger. When you get your blogger account you can choose to make your email address available on your profile page or not. If you choose to make it available, blogger attaches it to comments you leave, if not, then you have to do the research. I agree that it is incredibly frustrating and time consuming when you don't get an email address to reply to, and pretty much everyone I have told this too didn't realise and have changed their blogger profile as a result!

  12. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I read your blog all the time and I've got lots to catch up on with my blog as well. I just need to find the time...

    LOVE the shoes by-the-way.