Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did you know that pirates live in elevator buildings?

Well, they do.

They also pose menacingly

They wear pink boots and race through elaborate maize mazes created by the staff of their apartment complexes.

They have mothers who say "Argh!"

They carry pumpkin purses and drive tractors

And they're really scary.

Happy Halloween! (Obviously, I didn't make a costume this year. But you already know my feelings about costume-making, and I've been a little busy with other activities anyway. Details of Quilt Market to come!)


  1. What a cutie! So fun to see your blog. It was lovely to chat with you and see your beautiful designs at market. Can't wait to see what's next for you!

  2. Sandi Henderson5:49 PM

    Lovely Liesl! I am missing your fun conversation and face already. :)


  3. Yes, there is absolutely a resemblance between your little daughter and the paper doll! Give your illustrator a good, strong pat on the back.

    So nice to meet you. From the comments above, it looks like everyone from Market wants to follow what you're up to!


  4. Tough Boris should be in that little pirate's library! We had a bear and a pioneer on the loose around here.

  5. Such a cute little pirate! :)

  6. Exceptionally cute pirates, that is...

  7. Boy, does that pirate know how to have fun! She digs life with big shovels.