Monday, October 30, 2006


There are two items I just can't be bothered to make by hand right now. One is birthday cakes, and the other is Halloween costumes. I may change my mind as the kiddo gets older, but for now they just don't seem worth the tremendous effort involved. My birthday cakes are usually lopsided or broken, covered in cake crumbs that get mixed in with the icing, and don't really taste better than bakery cakes anyway. And as far as the Halloween costumes go, they're a lot of effort for one evening's worth of wearing, especially when the little one really doesn't understand the holiday in the first place.

I remember some wonderful costumes my mother made for me, and when the kiddo starts to imagine her own elaborate dress-up I'm sure I will be willing to contribute with sewing and construction. In the meantime, I found this cute little bumblebee costume in a resale shop while visiting my parents. Kiddo likes to wear it but hates the hood.

Unfortunately, I won't get to see my little bumblebee during Halloween. This morning she and Todd left for Michigan to attend Todd's grandmother's funeral. It makes the most sense for me to stay home from this trip, but this will be my first night away from the kiddo. So I'm enjoying a little time for myself while simultaneously missing my two favorite people. Maybe instead of Bzzzz I'll get a little Zzzzz. All the same, it's a bit lonely over here!


  1. I wish you long Zzzzz's..
    but they look great.. as bees.. great..

  2. this is soooo cute!

  3. martha in mobile10:27 AM

    I love this costume! So innocent and sweet.

    I sewed an elaborate cinderella ballgown for my girl one year. It took a lot of time, cost a lot of money, and she probably would have preferred the one from the Disney store (stretch velvet bodices rule!). Now, if I make any part of her costume, its a piece to add to the rest of her make-believe wardrobe. This year I whipped up a peasant blouse--she's a gypsy.

  4. handmade or not, it's still very, very cute:)

  5. At that age making a costume really isn't worth the investment. My mom once spent hours & hours making a dog costume that my sister picked out. Come Halloween, she wore it for about ten minutes before she started to cry and demanded to go home.

    The pic of kiddo "flying" on the swing is great!

  6. Adorable! Happy Halloween!

  7. these photos are sooo cute & pretty hilarious - he actually looks like he's flying!
    p.s. i got your email regarding the market bag that you unknowlingly helped me out with! thanks for that - i really thought your modifications made a lot of sense.