Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Slowly, slowly

The backpack tote pattern will be coming soon! I'm working on it furiously (or should that be "furiously working on it"?) and hope to be ready to print it within a week. I think I'll take pre-orders so we'll have enough copies for everyone. Bear with me; writing instructions and making technical sketches is no small task, especially when you're as rusty with Illustrator as I am.

In the meantime, this doll quilt came together during a few evenings of movie watching. Recommendations? Oh, yes. Let's see: Volver, Weeds: season 1, and Soylent Green. How can it be that Todd and I had never heard of Soylent Green before? What a strange, thought-provoking film, especially for environmentally-concerned New Yorkers.
I tried to follow this quilt as closely as I could, using scraps from my stash that resembled the fabrics in the original. You can probably see that I tied it with baker's string, just for the fun of it. The embroidered S and O are counted cross stitch; I stitched the S on linen and nearly went blind trying to count the threads, so I switched to waste canvas for the O. I had never tried waste canvas before but totally loved it; you can embroider on virtually anything with it!

The scissors and the emboidered letters have a significance I'll explain sometime later. And that little sunbonnet girl? I embroidered her free hand back in grade school or junior high, and Mom recently found her and sent her to me. It made more sense to use her than store her, although she looks rather cramped in her little hexagon. The finished quilt measures about 10" x 12".

Ok, back to work on that bag pattern.


  1. thank god you're out here... i need to try the waste canvas. i have tried the cross stitch on linen and since i am only attracted to the fine stuff i have gone blind - several times. the quilt is lovely, and i like that your embroidery you did as a girl is in there.

  2. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Love the teeny embroidered scissors.

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    could you not publish as PDF or other downloadable format? why require pre-orders?

  4. Hi Lisa,

    The paper size for the pattern is very big and would require finding a special printer to handle. I've negotiated a deal with a local printer who will supply the patterns for less than it would cost each person to print the patterns individually. And pre-orders aren't required; they'll be optional if you want to reserve a copy and to help me get an estimate of the number of copies I should order. Cheers!

  5. Liesl- Hi , I amone of your faithful lurkers...i LOVE your blog and have tagged you on my blog with the Thinking Blog award...

    I look forward to your blog aech day!


  6. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Goregeous that you can combine upddated english piecing with a crazy quilt embroidered feel. It's really
    a heirloom now. I am so all over that bag pattern - preorder list me. Would it be possible to post the fabric requirements and notions list so we can order our fabric NOW!

  7. Your bag is beautiful and I'd love to have the pattern. Please add me to the pre-order list.

  8. Hello Liesl-
    I am anxiously awaiting the bag pattern and would like to be added to the pre-order list.

  9. Definitely interested in pre-ordering!

  10. this new doll quilt is fantastic... i love the embroidery accents. so nice to include the piece you did as a girl.

  11. Hi,

    I saw the bag at Purl. Stunning. Really beautiful. Please put me on the list. I love it and want to make it!!


  12. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I'm dying to make the backpack tote. Please add me to the preorder list.

  13. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I would love a copy of the backpack bag pattern. Please count me in with the pre-orders.


  14. Awesome! I also wanted to thank you for the lovely scraps from your original quilt. They're beautiful and I can't wait to make mine. Linda Lum DeBono

  15. Anonymous8:14 PM

    it turned out beautifully. I have often looked at that quilt in the embroidered treasures book and thought I must do that, now I've seen yours I really, really must do that!

  16. this quilt is very sweet and i love the embroidred touches that you added as well as the teeny baker string.

  17. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Hi Liesel. Have missed your posts but am glad to know it is because your creativity is pushing you to provide us, of the greedy ones, with a pattern for your fabulous bag. Please count me in for a pre-order.


  18. Anonymous12:57 AM

    "soylent green is people! IT'S PEOPLE!!" i love that strange movie (how could you not love charlton heston?) but what i love even more is the saturday night live skit of it with phil hartman.

    your quilt is beautiful.

  19. I'm so glad you decided to write out that pattern, I'm definately interested. I'd love to come to NY and go to Purl just to see all the fabrics and yarn in person instead of drooling over them on the internet. Connie