Friday, May 04, 2007

Cross one off the list

Ok, I've listed a few bags on Etsy. I've started another backpack for my demonstrations in class, and I'll list that one when it's finished as well. It's cute: hand-embroidered (by me) linen with a bright floral lining. Very fun.

Lots of other projects in the works as well, but who can stay indoors with weather like this? Today we're on a hunt for the perfect toddler scooter, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. Last year when Tsia could still ride in the Bjorn, we scooted together on my "adult"-sized scooter (although you really don't feel like an adult when you're riding ANY scooter, let's face it). I'd strap her in facing forward, and off we'd go down the East River bike path or around our complex. She loved it, and it was great exercise for me. This year she's simply too big. We'll have to scoot side-by-side (at a slightly slower pace) instead.

And one last thing before we go. Lovely, isn't it?

Have a great weekend.

Added: Well, they're all sold! I can't believe it! Thanks, everyone! I guess I'd better go look for some shipping boxes.


  1. Ruthanne2:18 PM

    Eeek how fast did those bags sell!! Missed em! LOL

  2. Yeah, I definitely think that's a sign that you need to make more bags for sale!

  3. Oh very cool. Off to check out your shop...

  4. The bags are wonderful - no wonder they sold so quickly. The layered pockets are just great.

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Will your pattern be for sale anytime soon?

  6. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Are you going to sell the pattern?

  7. so so soooo awesome.
    i would buy the pattern too...

  8. Kathy S (Vegas)6:53 PM

    Nice work. Can't wait for the patterns!
    I was reviewing your blog (looking for the linen store name to order from again - so simple and I could not remember that, but thats another topic).
    I came across you talking about SRE work. Did you ever try it? I have been doing it for years and it is EASY! Way better than the piecing you have been doing.
    Get the A-Z Silk Ribbon book out of of the best. Oh and their Bullion you would like also.

  9. pity the bags are gone already, it seems to be exactly what i'd need, stylish enough for town, practical enough for the walks to and from the train stations (i tend to put my back out if i carry heavy shoulder bags).
    i'd be interested in the pattern! while i wait for it i might also try to make something similar myself, i think i have an idea of how the straps work...

  10. wow - good for you for selling them so quick! Now put that pattern up for sale :)

  11. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Is Tisa to heavy to carry in a hiking back pack? (the kind for kids) Perhaps the kind that REI has? That way you could still scoot together..... good luck. Loved the bags, but I'd be more likely to buy one then sew one. I'll be looking for your next Etsy update. Cindy W.

  12. Kristi5:00 PM

    Great looking bags, nice craftmanship.