Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Number two

Thank you all for your kind comments about the quilt! I've been enjoying it, especially in the early mornings when the apartment is chilly. It's the perfect size to use as a throw until I get moving and start warming up.

For those who were wondering, my quilt is similar to the Denyse Schmidt Strings Attached baby quilt, but I didn't use a pattern. I pieced it freehand, cutting the strips with the rotary cutter as I went. The back was also pieced freehand using muslin and all my leftover green fabric for the project, which wasn't much.

And making that quilt was so much fun, I'm ready to get started on quilt number two.

My inspiration is the above image, a postcard from this book.

And now I can finally show you the fabrics I'll be using. I'm so excited! I'm leaning toward making either a simple log cabin or another string quilt similar to a Gee's Bend quilt I've been admiring. This one will be queen-sized (yikes!), and if we take another long vacation next summer I may just do the quilting itself by hand.

But now I'd better get going. Yesterday, on a whim, the kiddo and I completely rearranged the bedroom, dividing it into two smaller rooms. She'll be needing a toddler bed soon, since she can almost climb out of her Pack 'n Play, and the new bed won't fit into her old room. Her new, larger room is really cute but still needs some work. And the rest of the apartment is littered with detritus from all the rearranging.

The side benefit to all this rearranging? Her old room will become my teeny tiny workroom. At last, a place for all my sewing supplies! But I suppose I'll have to paint over all those dogs. Too bad, since I really like them. Woof.


  1. I love the color combination that you chose. I love the look of log cabin quilts but I think I would be exhausted if I made a queen sized. I recently made a king sized quilt (bad planning or really no planning) but I stuck to a four patch design. Good luck.

  2. Those colours are so... cosy and warm. They make you think of leaves on a tree in the fall and sitting beside a fireplace - wrapped in a quilt!!!
    Good luck! It sounds terrifying to me to quilt! I avoid sewing but am tragically drawn to it and will on occasion attempt a craft or two. The poor sewing machine must cringe when I walk towards it!

  3. I don't know if I could paint over the dogs and kitty on the walls. They are pretty darn cute. Good luck on the quilt. I am hoping to make one for the boy soon. He wants blue and tan.