Wednesday, February 22, 2006

That's more like it!

It's official; I like silicone. My silicone hotpads and new baking cups are pretty great, and I highly recommend them. But I'm a relative baking newbie, so take my recommendation with a grain of, what, baking soda?

Anyway, chocolate cupcake recipe #2 (found via Not Martha) turned out much better than recipe #1. We had some difficulty finding Dutch-processed cocoa, which wasn't available via my fabulous on-line grocery service (Fresh Direct is what makes living in Manhattan possible. Delivery charge: $4.95; Fuel surcharge: $.79; Tip to delivery person: $3.00; avoiding the surly cashiers at the local grocery store: priceless.), but after trying those nasty local groceries we were on our way down to Dean and Deluca's and stopped at our favorite coffee supplier. Lo and behold, they had it!

I chose to try the Magnolia Bakery buttercream frosting recipe for the icing this time, since their cupcakes are Todd's favorites. And I'm quite pleased with the results, although I probably should have kept adding sugar to make it thicker. It was late, I was tired. The frosting was a little runny. I popped the cupcakes into the refrigerator and prayed that the icing would solidify quickly before it created puddles on the plate.

While I was at it, and because I had some heavy cream to use up (and it's winter so we all need extra calories and comfort food, right?) I made my first creme brulee as well. Can't wait to try it tonight!

I have some crafty things ready to show you, but I need the help of a photographer (i.e. Todd) during the daylight, so you may have to wait a few days to see them.

And now I'm very tired of baking and really want to get back to more sewing and knitting and things. After I get a little sleep.

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  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Yay, I'm glad to see you took the classic birthday photo!