Thursday, February 23, 2006

How to wear it

Here's a little something I've been doing for about a year now and have found to be very useful. Now that I'm not making an income, I really can't afford to buy many clothes. And frankly, I don't need more clothes; I've accumulated a lot of things that just need to be worn more often. To help me do that, I've been gathering tearsheets from magazines. Often when I'm looking through a catalog or magazine I'll see a photo that reminds me of something I own which is worn in a different way than I would normally wear it. I save those pages so that when I can't find anything to wear I can look through the photos and be inspired or reminded to pull out something I might have forgotten or overlooked.

Granted, these days you can almost always find me wearing the same pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but every so often I pull out a skirt or a pair of wool trousers again. Makeup? Don't push your luck.


  1. Tearsheets?? Once a designer, always a designer! Cute pics of the babe, by the way. And that cupcake looks yummy!

  2. great idea!! thanks for sharing.