Thursday, January 05, 2006

A frogging we will go

Here is the far-from-finished sweater I am about to frog:

because I have decided that I want to make this sweater instead:

I hate to rip out all my hard work, but in the three-plus years that have passed since I started this sweater I have lost interest in finishing it. I'm just not excited about the lattice pattern and, like I said before, I'm not expert enough to design the sleeves and armholes myself. I hate to admit it, but I've never made an adult-sized sweater with sleeves. It's about time to change that. Rip it, rip it!


  1. I know nothing about knitting, but that lattice patterns looks really impressive. I hope you're able to make something work with it.

  2. kristina2:37 PM

    I've spent most of my three-year knitting career trying to avoid sleeves, too!

  3. Oh, that is a lovely vest going to the dogs.
    But I admire your decision no less.

  4. Mary-Ellen11:04 AM

    I was wondering what book the new sweater you are working on is from.

    Also, a suggestions, turn that wonderful lattice pattern you made into a great throw pillow. Bind off and create a back with fabric. Buy one of the pillows at the craft store. It would be a shame to waste all that work. I know how long that lattice pattern takes!

  5. MaryEllen, the sweater is the Hourglass Sweater from Joelle's book, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. There's a knit-along for this sweater if you Google it. Cheers!