Sunday, January 15, 2006

For the fun of it

I like the idea of stopping once in a while to take note of where we are in our lives. Not in the sense of January 1st resolutions, but in the sense of what occupies us and how our time is being spent. And I also love knowing what other people are doing, reading, watching. So here's my little list.

Reading: Wickett's Remedy, by Myla Goldberg. Really well written and a great story. I enjoyed Bee Season, her first book, which has been made into a movie.
Next up: Julie and Julia, by Julie Powell. Jane recommended this one, and I can hardly wait to read it!

Just seen: Brokeback Mountain. What an amazing, beautiful, devastating film! I highly recommend it, but be prepared to cry. Or at least I did.
Next up: Hardcore (1979). Paul Schrader, the writer and director of this movie, is alumni of the college from which Todd and I graduated. This film is a lightly veiled story about the community from which we, and he, are from. I've never seen it.

Working on:

My sweater
Some baby gifts like this one for friends who recently gave birth

Next up:
The baby's summer clothing
My quilt - either the silk one I started or a cotton Denyse Schmidt-style patchwork. I haven't decided which to make first.
Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers. I love them and just have to make them!
Fiber Trends felted slippers for Todd
A hat for me, and one for the baby, from the Kim's Hats pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (do you think I'm getting enough use out of this book?). Because I've always wanted to knit Manos del Uruguay yarn, and I bought two great colors. Two skeins is more than enough for two hats if one is baby-sized.

And there are lots more projects in the wings, but this is enough to keep me busy for a long time.

What are you reading, watching, and making?


  1. hello! found you via 6.5st.

    I'm rereading The Shipping News, and I can't WAIT to see Brokeback Mountain. It will be a treat one of these days.

    I really like your header image.

  2. reading: "crossing california" by adam langer (set in the west rogers park neighborhood of chicago, which is due north of me)
    working on: a knit capelet for one of the nieces, and waiting for a chance to get up to joanne's to buy material for my own capelet
    listening to: clap your hands say yeah (remind me a lot of talking heads - lots of fun)

  3. I am a Denyse Schmidt fan and I thought you may be interested in a sneak peak of her new fabric line "Flea Market Fancy" on my web site
    Happy crafting. Gina