Sunday, November 13, 2005

The next big project

I didn't buy my silk quilt fabric on Friday - Bebe was too tired after lunch and needed to go home. But that's probably good because I'm really not sure how much fabric I need, so maybe we'll go back later this week. I'm a little confused about estimating yardage and want to read up on it before the big buy.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to get started on another big project. I want to make Bebe's wardrobe for next summer. I'm so excited to have a girl because I love making baby clothes! So here are my sketches and fabrics, and I plan to start drafting the patterns this week. I probably won't start sewing for a while yet - after Christmas at the earliest - but I think the clothes will go quickly once the patterns are finished. The plan is to base all her clothes on plain muslin with bright accents as noted on my sketches. The fabric swatches didn't scan very well - the colors look really strange on the screen.

I think there will be more pieces, but I don't want to get too crazy at the start or I'll get completely overwhelmed. Right now it looks just crazy enough...

Yesterday I came down with a bad cold: my first illness since Bebe was born. When I was telling my sister about it today she immediately said, "Oh, yeah, and you realized that there's no one to help you and you got completely depressed," or something to that effect. And she nailed my feelings exactly! I suppose every parent has been there. Just another rite of passage, so to speak. So here's to tomorrow, to feeling better, and to hoping the the baby doesn't catch it too!

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  1. Those clothes look like they're going to be gorgeous, I love your sketches and I hope you feel better very soon.
    : )