Monday, November 28, 2005

Recycle, reuse, etc. etc.

Lately I've been making a stronger effort to recycle, or preferably to not use in the first place. I usually carry home way too many plastic shopping bags from the grocery store, the pharmacy, the green market, etc. They look at me really strangely if I bring my own plastic bags to re-use, and I usually forget to bring them anyway. But I can't seem to find any of these great string shopping bags anywhere. Too bad. They'd be perfect to throw in the diaper bag and take along with me. But I don't need five of them, so I won't be ordering on-line.

Anyway, in the spirit of recycling, I decided I needed to do something with the leftover bits from all the photo matts I cut a while ago. Here's a bookmark:

And here are some gift tags:

This year, like last year, our gift wrap will be brown craft paper tied with this fun red and white ribbon. I'm really liking how the little gift tags look with the wrapping. And hey, the candycane stamp is a bit of leftover from another stamp project. The red and white string is leftover from Todd's birthday cake box - it's bakery string. I'm doing pretty good with recycling the little tiny bits.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can find a good use for used disposable diapers?

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