Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New books, new camera

No, no. Still recycling, just not certain things. And not diapers. Yet.

I just received part of my YesAsia order and have added some photos to the Japanese craft book library. The books I received have been posted on Crafting Japanese before, but I tried to scan some new photos. The brand new no-one-else-has-them books that I ordered haven't arrived: it seems that they're out of stock at present. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they arrive soon.

We are having such unseasonably warm weather here. Today we really took advantage of it, and since we are finally both over our colds we had an especially good day.

a trip to the playground

We didn't jump in the leaves, but they were tempting! Maybe a little too densely packed - look how they're all jammed in together like a wall. See the woman in the upper righthand corner of the photo? She's pulling the bottles out of the recycling and can claim the deposit at the local grocery. I think she's wearing traditional Chinese peasant garb, but I'm not sure.

then a trip to the doctor for Bebe's nine-month checkup and her booster flu shot. She almost looks nervous, doesn't she?

and the arrival of our camera! Tomorrow I will hopefully start posting some snazzy photos with our new toy! I'm very excited about this one. No video, but the quality of the photos is supposed to be amazing.

and finally, the pre-bedtime bath. Bebe likes to help fill the tub, and then after the bath she waves to the baby in the mirror.

All in all, a fun day.

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