Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Quilt Monday, on Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I was bemoaning my troubles with silk patchwork when Nicole suggested fusible interfacing as a possible solution. I didn't quite understand what she meant (fuse just the seams or all the fabric, before or after sewing, etc) until I was in the quilt shop last week and noticed some silk dupioni for sale. So I asked the clerk (who I think is the owner) what she recommended. Apparently most people use only small pieces of silk in their quilts, and she told me that you need to fuse the entire piece of silk before cutting it. That's a lot of fusible, but I've done it before; for our final projects in design school we had a runway show, and our advisor was Bob Mackie. One of my garments was a full-length raincoat made of a dupioni/lame fabric, and I fused approximately ten yards before cutting the fabric - the fusible prevents ravelling and adds body.

I guess that's the solution. I'm going to buy the dupioni later this week when I need to be in the garment center to see a friend. This should be interesting to do in our little apartment - I'm not sure where I'll be doing the fusing! Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole. I had forgotten all about this!

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