Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dead camera, RIP

Well, we knew it was coming. And we thought it had happened a couple of weeks ago, but apparently it was just a coma. This time I think it's the real thing - our Canon S400 digital Elph has bit the dust. It's a class action suit just waiting to happen. If you read the reviews on Amazon everyone complains about the same problem: after a while the camera starts reporting continued memory card errors and refuses to function. The company claims it's corrosion due to humidity - because that's not covered by the warranty - but it's pretty clear that the cameras themselves are faulty.

Anyway, my new camera is on backorder, so there may not be many photos for a few weeks unless I can find a camera in one of the local shops. Or maybe I'll just do a lot of scanning of those items that are scannable. Not the baby.

Yesterday we spend a gorgeous afternoon visiting my sister and her children in New Jersey. Bebe adores her older cousins, and I love having my sister nearby. If the camera had been cooperating I would have some photos of our kids in the colorful fall leaves to show you!

I've got lots of projects in the works right now, but I'm really trying to hold myself back. It's so easy to go a little crazy this time of year, getting ready for the holiday. I'm doing my best to sit back a little and enjoy the fall, the baby, and catching up with some friends. Todd is out of town for two weeks. He's usually gone Monday through Thursday, but he's almost always home on weekends, so I need all the community I can get right now or I'll start to go a little stir crazy.

We spent the weekend looking at art: on Saturday a stroll through some of the galleries in Chelsea and on Sunday a quick jog through the previews at Christie's. We also had a very nice dinner at Eleven Madison Park on Saturday night - our first babysitter in a very long time! Tomorrow is Todd's birthday, and he will be celebrating it on a plane, poor guy. Happy Birthday, Todd! We miss you!

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