Monday, November 21, 2005

More fun things

The list continues:

8. Here's a great make-your-own baby gift idea. The make-your-own part being the gift, mind you, not the baby.

9. These handbags. They're all beautifully embroidered, and I love the shapes and colors.

10. The next 20th century design auction at Wright 20 is fast approaching. It's fun to look at the preview section, and I see that they now have an on-line shop as well. No need to wait until auction time for these items.

11. HABA is making some terrific children's jewelry, including some felt pieces. I've purchased a couple of bracelets for myself - just couldn't resist them! Check out the genius little belt bags and the jewelry cases too!

12. This site has an incredible selection of vintage linens, lace, needlework, etc. The children's clothing is jaw dropping.

13. Online furry friends in real time. Note the little cub, Tai Shan.

14. Really cute knitted stuff for kids. And not just sweaters! Check out the knitted vegetable rattles.

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