Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fun things

1. Super eggplant posted about these bookshelves the other day. How fun! Our books are decidedly not colorful enough for something like this. Besides, I think we would both go crazy if the knitting books and the art catalogs were mixed together.

2. The best source for cool papers.

3. Fabric by the yard from these folks? I think I need to pay a visit.

4. I have an odd fascination with this kit, but I don't think I would use it enough to actually justify purchasing and storing it. But some of these sets are really neat. And really pricey. I love the pear. They have great Christmasy shapes too, but get a good look at this cake!

5. When I finally get around to customizing the template for my blog, I'm contemplating using the graph paper from this site as the background. I'll need Todd's help to manage the switch, I'm sure.

6. Meggiecat posts all sorts of terrific resources for crafty folks.

7. I'm not really a sampler-stitching girl. But if I were I'd be totally obsessed with the designs here. And the resources available (linens and threads especially) here.

Maybe I'll save the rest for later. These are enough links for now, I think. I hope you find something new here!

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