Friday, October 14, 2005

At last, a project finished!

Remember these? I took some projects to Barcelona so that I would have something to keep me busy. And then I was too busy to work on them while we were away. But last night I was able to spend a few hours working on this one, and at last it's finished.

I originally saw it here and thought it would be perfect to make because it's almost entirely hand sewn, and I certainly couldn't bring my sewing machine with me. I made it entirely out of ribbons sewn onto muslin, with a very light pink and white glen plaid cotton lining. I used a really heavy tailoring-weight muslin for the interfacing to give it some body and to keep it from collapsing on itself. I think it turned out fairly well:

I'm planning to give it to someone as a Christmas gift, but I won't say who so at least it will be a surprise when it arrives.

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  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    nice bag! Good job!