Thursday, August 04, 2011

wish you were here

We've spent the week with my family on vacation someplace on the outer banks of North Carolina, where the houses are big enough to hold our entire crew. So far we've been dodging trucks (everyone drives on the beach out here!), admiring the wild horses, building sand castles and sand snowmen, baking (more sandcastles--the beach-themed cake was for my sister's birthday), goofing off in the pool, and I've had so much fun riding the boogie board I've pretty much decided to quit work and move someplace where I can learn to surf. But maybe I'll change my mind again when we get back home.

We're the only ones walking back and forth to the the beach instead of driving, so if you see us, wave!


  1. Gorgeous photo. S is such a beautiful girl.

  2. Emma Bryan3:08 PM

    Which patterns are you and S wearing?

    I'm coming to NY from England on 22nd August. Is it possible to visit the studio, and perhaps pick up a few patterns? Emma

  3. We visited Rodanthe, NC this year and loved it! Wish we'd had that cake though.

  4. Looks like you all are/have had a great time! We love the OBX and have spent a lot of time down there. It's close enough for us to make day trips, though we've also spent time camping in Frisco. Surfing is a ton of fun...we've got 2 of our 4 kids hooked!