Monday, August 22, 2011

little escape

Last Thursday some friends who just returned from performing in the catskills were asking us whether we had ever considered buying a little house where we could escape from the city on weekends. Todd and I answered that we have considered it, but our weekends are usually so busy that we really wouldn't take advantage of a weekend retreat very much.

Then on Friday we took the train up to Garrison to visit some other friends who are renting an adorable bungalow on the property of a large house in the area. We had such an amazing time spent lounging by the pool, visiting other friends at the lake, hanging out, cooking delicious dinners, and generally enjoying the weather and the country so near the city.

Several times during the weekend I turned to Todd and said, "maybe we should consider doing this after all!" But on the train back home we agreed that it just isn't practical for us. We both have obligations on Sundays, and we wouldn't take advantage of the escape often enough for it to make sense. But still, it was awfully relaxing and really pretty. I'm thinking that if I write another book it would be fun to do the photo shoot up there. Clearly I'd have to think of a way to include the chicken house...


  1. you'll have to make some sort of egg gathering apron! looks like a lovely weekend...

  2. It looks lovely. My friend's brother and his wife live in Garrison - I visited once at Thanksgiving and the colours along the river were beautiful!

  3. What a lovely get away.

  4. How pretty! I live in the Catskills now but can't say that I know where Garrison is. I'm off to look it up right now.

  5. What a lovely little lady you have and I bet that was an AWESOME getaway...I hope to create something like that for grandchildren one day! (Since I missed the boat with my own.