Saturday, February 20, 2010

brought to you via the wonders of antibiotics

You probably couldn't see me waving to you last week from underneath that mountain of used tissues. It was a full two weeks that I was snowballed, but I've finally almost recovered thanks to very strong antibiotics and an additional week of not doing much. What did people do before the invention of this medicine? (Don't answer that. I think I know.)

Anyway, I've been getting lots of rest, reading through a stack of good books, catching up on old issues of Vogue and Elle, keeping an eye on Fashion Week, and preparing for S's birthday tomorrow (which she's been counting down all month).

These are some paper dolls that Heather Ross's mother found in her Vermont attic. Aren't they great? I love "Teacher" and am simultaneously horrified and amused at poor "Fatty" and "Skinny." Really, those are their names? (But even that is better than being named "Swing," poor child.)

Speaking of Heather, have you seen her new fabrics with Spoonflower? So exciting!

And speaking of Vermont, I'll be joining her at Blueberry Hill for both Weekend Sewing workshops this August. All spots have been filled, but there is a waiting list if you're really determined to go. We had so much fun last summer!

Ok, more later.


  1. Neato! I love paperdolls and antique paperdolls are even cooler!
    I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Have missed your blog posts while you've been sick! It's nice that you've been able to enjoy some reading time while resting. Hope you are feeling 100% again soon!

  3. It goes without saying how much I love those dolls.