Wednesday, May 20, 2009

what I did on my Market "vacation"

Usually, standing around talking to people isn't too exhausting, right? I must be fighting something, because it's taken me a couple of days to recover from Quilt Market. I dragged myself to the studio yesterday but didn't get much done and probably should have just taken the day off instead. My feet would have appreciated it.

We actually had a very relaxed trip this time--driving is much easier than shipping and flying. But for some reason I completely neglected to take photos during the show. Here's a little travelogue of the things I did remember to photograph:

I honestly can't remember the last time Todd and I took any sort of road trip. I think it may have been a trip around New Zealand about six years ago? Since we don't own a car, trips of this sort are extremely unusual. We rented a minivan to transport ourselves and the booth. Here it is, all packed up from the loading dock (closed already) and set to leave. We had plenty of room in the back and were actually surprised at how little space the booth takes. Usually, it's all cartoned and shipped on a big pallet, which seems to take much more space.

Headed over the Williamsburg Bridge. At first I thought that was our apartment complex in the front, with all the grass and trees, but it's not. We're a little farther north.

I wonder if biking to work might be an option this summer, since the bridge has a separate pathway for bikes and pedestrians. Wait. I don't have a bike!

A little side trip through China Town on our way to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Aren't NYC water towers great?

I love the cast iron buildings downtown, too.

It's easy to tell when you've reached Pennsylvania, with all the farms and rolling hills. And more rolling hills. Who knew Pennsylvania was so long?!?

Some of the hills were easier to go through than over, apparently.

Once we reached Pittsburgh, we felt right at home. Our hotel was located on Oliver Avenue!

I remembered to take photos of the booth before we turned on the lights, which is why it all looks so flat in these photos. Then I forgot all about photos until we left for home. I even forgot to take photos of Heather Ross and her adorable samples at the booth on Saturday.

The conference center was filled with natural light and lots of windows overhead. It's a beautiful setting, situated directly on the river.

The hotel was a beautiful, ornate older building. This type of work couldn't be duplicated today, and if it were it would feel all wrong and fake, like a Disney version of a hotel.

Almost home again. Is she waving to us, off in the background there?

Such a pretty skyline, even from the highway in New Jersey.

Random items I noticed or wanted to tell you:

It was nice to have a little time with just Todd, sans kid. We enjoyed time on the road together and had a couple of meals alone, too. I had a terrible time sitting still in the car for seven hours, but satellite radio and lots of bad 70's, 80's and 90's music got me through the ordeal. How did Todd manage to sit still in an airplane for hours every single week for all those years that he was traveling for work?

Megan, a reader of disdressed and resident of Pittsburgh, was so kind to email with a list of local restaurants (organized by neighborhood--go Megan!). We took full advantage of that list and enjoyed some terrific meals, including an especially memorable and hilarious one with Heather and Denyse. Thanks so much, Megan!

It was great to see some dear friends and customers at the show, and equally wonderful to make many new acquaintances. My absolute favorite part of Quilt Market is the amazing conversations I get to have with so many people. Nothing beats person-to-person contact, and it's my primary reason for attending and exhibiting at the show. Wouldn't it be great if we could all get together like that sometimes? With nothing to do for three days but talk to each other? Hurray!

We passed a truckload of golf carts on the way home. Maybe not exciting to you, but I was intrigued. (I don't get out much, perhaps?)

We agreed that TGI Friday's and Taco Bell are on our list of never-again experiences. Nevermore. Nevermore. Heather's Skittle dinner doesn't sound so great, either. What ever happened to vegetables? Or meals that don't heavily feature meat and only meat?

Pittsburgh is gorgeous. Really. Even the obviously depressed parts of the city are picturesque. I hate to think of all those beautiful factories and homes sitting vacant, however, and hope that the economy will pick up and revitalize the area soon.

Tsia was much too busy with her grandparents to talk with us during most of our absence, which was a relief. But she was happy to have us home again, too. Also a relief.

I've posted a separate wrap-up on the Oliver + s blog, if you're interested in learning more about what I saw at the show. Lots of fun fabrics and other products coming our way!


  1. I love all the pictures--thanks for sharing! Pittsburgh really does look lovely and I've never seen a convention center so open. Usually they're windowless boxes. (The dresses you did with Heather Ross on the Oliver + S blog are just delicious.)

  2. Wonderful pictures. Would you be willing to share the list of good restaurants in Pittsburgh? I have family that just moved there and I'm always looking for great places to shop and eat while I'm in town visiting.

  3. TGIFridays and Taco(H)ell (our pet name) are on our bad list, too. :)

    Your pictures are divine.

  4. Your booth looks wonderful. I hope you did well at Market.

  5. Korie3:50 PM

    As a Northeast PAer who has traveled frequently to Pittsburgh, you nailed it - the state seems sooo long! I love Pittsburgh, it is a beautiful old city and very underappreciated.

    I wanted to attend this year, especially since it was so close but work (my real job) kept me from it. Looks like I missed out on a real winner.

    It sounds like everyone had a great time in Steel City, maybe Market will return in a few years.

  6. Sounds great to have had a relaxed trip. I love the two tunnel photos. Cool colors!

  7. I love old hotels like that - love, love, love them!

  8. Such a great location for market! And I do love your booth. It's so cute, clean, and uncluttered. It really makes the clothing and patterns stand out.