Monday, May 11, 2009

in public

Are you still there? Sorry--a little preoccupied over here with Quilt Market preparations and getting the fall patterns out for size grading, etc.. We leave Wednesday morning on our first road trip to Market. I usually ship the booth (very expensive and a lot of hassle to prepare) and fly to save time, but since the show is in Pittsburgh this spring it works out well for us to drive. I'm excited because it's Todd's first trip to Market and we'll have some no-kid driving time together. Poor guy will have to listen to me practice my School House presentations while we travel. I'm fairly certain I won't need the duration of our drive for practicing (it's a six or seven hour trip), but it's a great threat to have in my back pocket, just in case.

Around here, this outdoor installation has been catching my eye recently. I love how artists are appropriating knitting and crochet for their own purposes, and apparently for this show opening even the tops of the fence posts had little knitted caps. I haven't had a chance to pop into the gallery itself to see the rest of the show, but the fence itself is getting lots of interest in our neighborhood. The show draws connections between math and knitting, as well as the theoretical and the tangeable. I think mostly people like it because it's public art involving a set of skills that is generally saved for other purposes. Like sweaters and fractals. And it makes the iron fence look a little more friendly and attractive.

I'll try to check in again sometime during the next week. Maybe with photos? Certainly I'll have lots to share when we return, including funny stories either involving or told by Heather.

No question about that.


  1. have a great show!


  2. awesome, what a lovely concept, great colors, too:))

  3. I just saw (and took pics) of one of these web-like installations at Prospect Park. They are so cool! Megan loves them too!

  4. Heather could have her own show.

  5. Wait! You can have someone else GRADE your patterns for you??? Why oh why did I not know this?

    Have a fabulous time at QM!! I'm so jealous. (: