Friday, March 06, 2009

proud parents

Time for an egg update.

The children are (or were) the proud parents of eleven adorable chicks!

At one point this week, they built a city of blocks for the chicks, who ran around the room. Everyone had fun.

Yesterday it was time for all the peeps to return home. I found these little yellow Easter chicks in a local gift shop, so after the real chicks left, each child got his or her own little chick (tucked into a plastic Easter egg) to keep and care for. It's all good.

Here's info on our farm, if you're interested in learning more. I love the Charlotte's Web project.


  1. Sounds like the kids had a great experience with hatching eggs. I love that picture of them all laying down with their faces peering in to watch the chicks.

  2. This is a wonderful post!

    I just love the way the children gathered around the chicks and built a special chiken city for them.
    There is nothing better than children's way of showing their love and interest on a project.

    And what a sweet idea to give them an easter chick to care about :0)

  3. Wow! How cool! I want to do this too. Do they do chick projects for grown-ups?

  4. That's just adorable!!!

  5. Those fluffy little things are so cute, it makes me want to go get some!

  6. These egg posts were cute and inspiring - we ordered 8 Wyandotte hatching eggs and started on making our own incubator. Thank you for this post!!!!