Sunday, October 21, 2007

Adventures, all sorts

The travelers have returned with many tales of adventure and intrigue. I'll fill you in later, but they had a great time and have many photos (mostly taken by Tsia: Pay-toe as seen from the short set) to show.

Meanwhile, here's a little adventure in which you can participate, if you like: if you've made a backpack tote from my pattern, I'm looking for a testimonial or two. Email me a few sentences telling me what you liked about the pattern and the instructions, and I'll include your quote in the press kit we'll be distributing to buyers and the media. What fun! Here's my address: liesl_gibson at hotmail dot com

I leave on Thursday, and there's still much to be done. Oh, my.


  1. Oh, how grand and comforting to have those two precious people in your life back at home...and how wonderful for them to have the time together...and for you, to have a wee bit of time for yourself! Blessings for all!

  2. Such a treat to meet you this week, Liesl! Your new pattern company is as fun as can be!