Monday, January 22, 2007

Prints charming

We're going to a birthday party tomorrow. Now that the Kiddo is starting to understand birthdays and gifts and the like, I think it's going to be lots of fun. Our gift is all set, and we can hardly wait! I bought this crazy dog-covered wrapping paper several years ago, and I swear the roll is endless. We just can't seem to use it up, no matter how hard we try. I wanted to make the package look especially festive, so we added a yo-yo and a fabric-covered button to the ribbon.

Speaking of prints, have you seen this Alexander Henry Pink Zinnia fabric? Fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it this weekend. The blooms are big, with plenty of white space between them. Lots of ideas for this one. Summer sundress? Sweet pincushion? I'm excited.


  1. Beautiful zinnias, a summer flower. Everything should look great with this wonderful fabric.

  2. The swatch they show at Purl doesn't do the fabric justice - they need your photography skills. That said, you have done a very dangerous thing reminding me that they sell fabric. Have you seen Mocca Rose by the same designer? Swoon...

  3. Ohh, Sonya, you're right about the Mocca Rose! I especially like the yellow colorway. Hadn't noticed it before. Thanks!

  4. jenni= )10:08 AM

    that's just fabulous! i vote for the sundress.= )
    it would also be adorable as the lining of a springy colored raincoat...

  5. wow beautiful! zinnias are so wonderful they make me long for summer!