Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Party's over

The fun has ended. Todd is back on the road after almost a month at home, give or take a trip or two in the middle. Oh, well. I missed a fantastic photo op this evening when the Kiddo was chatting to him on the phone: foot propped against the table leg, elbow on her knee, phone pressed to her ear, laughing and chatting to her dad. Hey, wait! Where's my baby? When did this smooth-talking, confident teenager move in?

Speaking of parties and babies (oof, gotta work on those segues), I bought this book as a gift for our friend Michael's two-year birthday party in a week or so. The first spread shows the tools that a person might use to do his or her job. The second page tells you what that job might be and shows the tools in action. The graphics are so beautiful. Sort of retro-contemporary in a really unique Japanese (of course) style. Naturally, I gravitate to the pages showing the tools for the Tailor. But when I showed the book to the Kiddo she started pointing to all sorts of other tools on various spreads, saying, "Mommy?", which made me realize that I really can drill a hole, slice an onion, and give a dose of medicine almost as well as I sew a seam.

I wonder what a page for Mom or Dad would look like? Maybe a bit like the endpapers for the book.

Although perhaps it wouldn't feature a giant, scary-looking cleaver so prominently.


  1. Courtney11:09 PM

    Wow, that book is great. Somehow it seems that I am always commenting first on your posts. I'm not stalking you, really.

  2. what a cute book. i'm loving all the illustrations....

  3. Maybe mommy is a butcher...? Those illustrations are great.

  4. Very nice book. I like books that show what real people do and use everyday. Hey, understand the hubby travel thing. Spent many a year when mine was home 4 days a month.

  5. wonderful illustrations... i love that clean graphic style.